Chicago Wants A 'Horn Hero,' Apparently

Pop-rock-jazz outfit Chicago doesn't want anyone, especially Activision, to encroach on the soon-to-be-burgeoning trumpet, sax, and trombone video game scene. Therefore, Chicago has protected "Horn Hero" to prevent anyone else from making said video game.

Sorry Harmonix, but the four decade old band has filed trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a number of Horn Hero derivatives, including "Chicago Horn Hero," "Horn Hero By Chicago" and "Horn Heroes By Chicago." That's right, no one will be making brass video game controllers or "downloadable software for use with video game controllers" without proper sign-off from the Illinois-based band.

We'd think that's a hint that we won't see Chicago hits like "You're the Inspiration" and "Saturday In the Park" in future Rock Band or Guitar Hero games, but you never can tell. But if any publishers are looking to expand their current music game demographic, you know who to get in touch with.

Chicago Horn Hero [USPTO]


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