Chinese Online Gamers Must Now Give Real Names

Two paragraphs is all the China Daily puts to this topic, so I can't give much context here. But the Chinese government will start "real-name registration" for online game players this year.

The item, in the China Daily, also notes that four online game companies had their operations suspended because they did not have "the mandatory anti-addiction system," installed in their software.

Gaming addiction is a pretty big deal over in the People's Republic, and last week a guy said to be gaming-addicted tried to commit suicide by swallowing saw blades. So I'm sensing a garden-variety crackdown in response to all this bad publicity.

Unfortunately, that's all we've got to go on. Just two paragraphs in the China Daily. But the idea of an "anti-addiction system," what the hell? Is that like, play for four hours, then a mandatory two hours of Guitar Praise? It'd cure me.

Online Gamers Have to Give Real Names [China Daily]


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