Competition: Score Yourself A... Blackberry Bold

BlackBerry_withPhone.jpgWell, we ever so subtly hinted at it, and now it's here. Thanks to FOX8's new action/game/reality/whatever-other-description-you-can-think-of program The Phone, we have 4 Blackberry Bold smartphones to give away, valued at $999. To enter, simply watch tonight's premiere of the The Phone on FOX8 at 8.30pm and answer this two part question;

  • What is the final clue to the first memory card (hint: you'll find it at the petrol station), and
  • Using the comments field below, tell us in 25 words or less what challenge you would make the contestants face if you were the 'Clue Master'.

Entries close January 21st at 5pm. Just a word of warning, though; the comp is also running on our sister sites Defamer and Giz. So to beat all those gossip and gadget-heads and win the high speed smartphone, with LCD screen, you'll need to be extra creative...

For a run through of what the Bold is all about, hit the link for a rundown by the techies over at Giz.

The Phone premieres 8.30pm tonight, on FOX8.

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    My challenge would be to actually watch this show! Seriously it sounds bad and I'm sick of its constant peddling on this site.

    Couldn't agree more, this has been incredibly annoying all week both on here and on Giz, though it's worse here because the skin isn't even clearly clearly showing the silly fake posts as ads.

    Guys, sites like Kotaku need ads to survive. The hosting doesn't pay for itself, the writers don't pay themselves, and the Kotaku license doesn't pay for itself. If you find these these posts annoying then just skip over them. It's seriously not that hard. Suck it down, ladies.

    can u say sellout!?

    The pin code for the EFTPOS is the year that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

    "I think the contestants should be sent to a warehouse where they must defuse a bomb if it explodes so does the clue"

    Sorry but the way it's phrased with the petrol station has thrown me off... I've answered accordingly to the petrol station thing.

    The pin code to the atm card was the year in which Alexander Graham Bell invented the lightbulb (1876).

    As for a challenge I would highly suggest setting up a sign on a rollercoaster ride which had the location to the next clue or address of the next memory card; and the contestants would have to continue riding the coaster until they successfully knew the location.

    1876 - Invention of telephone

    As clue master: I'd have them read a specified post on Kotatu for clues to the next memory card

    1876: I would get them to shovel poop from a pile at the zoo. From there they would find the number of a small plane parked at a local airport. The memory card would be hidden in the safety gear of the plane. Time limit applies to finding the plane and shovelling the poop.

    eftpos code invention of the telephone year 1876
    put them in a bay at a sporting event and make them find a particular person

    My challenge would be at the gold coast go on all 5 thrill rides at dreamworld then get the photo to prove you went on em then show it to the park manager then they give you the memory card

    The final clue is the year of the invention of the light bulb by Alexander G. Bell - 1876.

    As a clue master: Have them ride a ferry at night on the harbour with the clue displayed on a skyscraper by having the lights turned on in the building.


    1876 make the contestants sky dive

    1876 - Invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell

    As Clue Master - I would have the contestants drive to an allocated surburban area where they must retrieve 9 envelopes from different mailboxes down a street. Envelopes will be clearly marked with a number from 1 to 9 which will be important as they are needed to crack the final code for this challenge. Contestants will need to remember the house number as well as their corresponding envelope in which will tell it's order. There will be a lot of envelopes to sort out so it won't be easy. Once all nine envelopes have been retrieved they will need to translate the house numbers into letters using the 1=A, 2=B method. Once cracked the 9 letter word will reveal the location in which the next memory card clue is held.

    clue was the year the phone was invented (1876) and i'd make the contestants look for a tourist couple in front of opera house holding small australian flags (taking photos) then ask to look at the 8th(any number) photo taken on their camera leading them to the next clue.

    The final clue to the first memory card was the year Alexander Bell invented the telephone (1876).

    As the Clue Master I'd set the contestants the twisted challenge of discovering the next clue using absolutely no modern technology, except the phone.

    Question: What year did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telphone?
    Answer : 1876 (was needed to activate the ATM card to buy petrol.

    Challenge: Contestants must first drive to the local library and then have to find a list of three books that they are handed to by the librarian as they enter. they must find books within a short time peroiod 5 mins or so.

    The titles/illustrations of the three books will provide the clue to the location of the next memory stick. if they cannot find the books in time the quizmaster will remove $2000 from the case.

    Clue: In which year did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone?
    (1876, which was the PIN code for the EFTPOS card)

    Challenge: Contestant to deliever backpack in 3 hours, undertaking risky/fearful stunts to earn clues, eventually discovering the memory stick was in the backpack all along.

    Which year did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone? - 1876

    Contestants need to find a ticket hidden inside one of 50 McDonalds cheeseburgers. Advertising makes people rich!

    I think you should go to Singleton in NSW and make them go to a shop and make them buy 3 items of the same price of $3.00 and give it to a man to get a Key.

    Go to a notice board and find a poster that has a special price on it and then ring that number.

    •What is the final clue to the first memory card (hint: you'll find it at the petrol station.
    ANSWER(the year was 1876 so that made the pin number for the ATM card 1876.•Using the comments field below, tell us in 25 words or less what challenge you would make the contestants face if you were the 'Clue Master'.ANSWER(if i was clue master id make the challanges from beach to beach on gold coast under peoples boogie boards and life saving patrols and make the final search for the case a tressure hunt

    *The Final Clue to the first memory card is 1876.
    *Contestants need to find the phone or memory stick under a seat on a Double decker train leaving Sydney, 3 minutes before trains leaves.

    Which year did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone?-(1876, which was the PIN code for the EFTPOS card)

    Bunji jump from a helicoptor or a high bridge and at the bottom will be the Memory Stick floating in the water They have to grab it!

    * the year Alexander Graham Bell Invented the Telephone

    * Go to an internet cafe. Contestants must piece together a computer. When done, Turn it on and the background will be the clue

    What year did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone? 1876

    Jar of 50 stamps. Have to find 5 particular stamps in 2 minutes to get the next clue.

    Final clue: The year Alexander Graham Bell Invented the Telephone - 1896.

    Challenge: Make the contestants build a PC which can dual boot windows 7 and OS X in a limited timeframe.

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