Contestants Piss Each Other Off In New Reality Game The Phone

Good looking characters who can't remember each others' names, tension, intrigue, backstabbing and an impromptu aerobics class... what more could you ask for from an episode of Day's Of Our Lives in a reality-come-action game show? I mean, really?

After being inundated with info and teasers for Fox8's new game program The Phone, I honestly have to admit the whole answer-some-random-ringing-phone-and-get-lead-on-a-crazy-intense-video-game/The Bourne Identity-inspired-cat-and-mouse-chase-for-25K concept has really got me in. I just want to know how I can "randomly" find a ringing phone and have a chance to win some dosh. And if that "random" ringing phone just so happens to be in someone else's, say, hand or bag, can I use the show as an excuse when I get arrested?

Hit the jump for another contestant interview.

The Phone premieres 8.30pm, Monday 19th on Fox 8.

[The Phone]


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