Dawn Of War II: Now Earlier And More Collectible

Dawn Of War II: Now Earlier And More Collectible

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With the news that Dawn of War II had crept forward a week in North America, we asked THQ if the same applied here. Their answer? Yes! February 19 is the new release date in Australia, too.

– One 1-on-1 multiplayer map called “Legis High Stratum”
– One unique chapter called “Marauders” (presumably in the campaign)
– Two unique Purity Seals
– Four metallic colours for your squad
– The Blood Ravens Battle Standard
– Four weapons (“Scourge of Xenos” Heavy Bolter, “Purifier of Tombs” Plasma Gun, “Honored Silence” Sniper Rifle, “Snarl of Wolf” Chainsword)

The only catch? You can only get it if you pre-order with EB. So now you’ve got two pre-order deals to choose from: AU$110 with some bonus content at EB? Or US$50 and access to the beta right now on Steam? What are you gonna do?


  • I coincidentally preordered the CE today at EB. $110, man, it’s been forever since I paid that much for a game, what a rip off… but my love of Dawn of War overrides my wallet.

  • you end up paying AU #35 for the CE and having to wait a week on the beta. not worth it imo. not when what you get are a tin case and cosmetic upgrades. your better off going steam and getting in on the action right now. WAAAAAAGHH!

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