Dead or Alive Actress So Against Piracy, Bought Pirated Goods

Dead or Alive Actress So Against Piracy, Bought Pirated Goods

Actress, singer, whatever Holly Valance was Christie in the Dead or Alive movie, DOA: Dead or Alive. The 2006 movie was filmed in Asia, and Vance now calls it “an amazing experience,” but tough.

How tough? It was the toughest experience of her life says the actress. The shoot was hard, and the kung-fu training was hard. Downtime was spent playing Dead or Alive — not just for research per se, but out of boredom. Explains Valance:

Oh yes, we played so much. That’s pretty much what we had to do in our rooms, because there was nothing else to do. That and buy pirated DVDs in the village. I’m so against buying pirated movies and music, because that’s my business, but there was literally nothing else to do. So we’d watch these awful DVDs filmed on a camcorder in the cinema.

Why not, you know, read a book? Or have books shipped to you? Hey, it’s none of my business — just wondering! But bonus points for honesty.

Valance appears in the new standalone expansion for Red Alert 3, which you should buy, unless by Valance’s logic, you’re in a remote village with nothing else to do.

Eurogamer meets Holly Valance [Eurogamer]


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