DICE Rolls Out Speakers: Riccitiello, Takeuchi Will Say Awesome Things

This year's DICE Summit is bringing in the video gaming industry's big guns. Who will be talking about the business of Designing, Innovating, Communicating and Entertaining? EA's John Riccitiello for one, with an encore performance.

Riccitiello will join Resident Evil 5 director Jun Takeuchi, Chris Cao, creative director of Sony Online Entertainment Austin, and Fallout 3 designer Todd Howard on the creative side.

Also yapping behind podiums will be GameStop COO J. Paul Raines and NPD Group analyst Anita Frazier, as well as many others.

It should be a rollicking good time full of awesome industry speak. We had a fantastic time at DICE '08. So many memories!

For the full line up of industry bigwigs dropping expert knowledge on people who paid to get in, check out the official DICE web site.



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