Discover Five Simple Ways To 'Green' Your Gaming

If you're concerned about global warmi... I mean, climate change, but also happen to spend a good portion of your free time gaming, Discovery has five helpful environmentally conscious tips for you.

While many are obvious, such as "Turn Off the Console When Not in Use" when used in conjunction with tip number two ("Buy a Wii") you'll find yourself saving the planet at an amazing rate. I think you get me.

What you might not be aware of is a tip targeted at PlayStation 3 owners. Discovery notes that watching a Blu-ray movie on your console sucks up "5 times more power than watching it on a standard Blu-Ray player." Now I really feel guilty for watching Planet Earth. :(

Go on, be the annoying guy who forwards this to your electricity cavalier buddies. They'll thank you for it!

5 Ways to Green Your Video Game System [Discovery]


    "Buy a Wii"? When I had my Wii, it ran VERY warm when off. Warmth = electrical power being wasted... it was warmer off than my 360 is on!

    Besides, wasn't Nintendo pinged as one of the 'least friendly to the planet' manufacturers?

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