Duck Hunt for a Dollar, 'til Ninty Bags It

A Duck Hunt knockoff for the iPhone and iPod touch is available for 99 cents, but it lacks two key things: Nintendo's approval, and the Asshole Dog.

Venture Beat's MG Siegler found the app, which calls its emulator the iPES, probably another reason Nintendo's gonna smash it, as if the dead ripoff quality of gameplay and video wasn't enough of an indicator.

Plus, NIntendo kind of already has a mobile device with touch-screen functionality thanks very much, so it's doubtful they'd want their IP showing up here.

It also lacks sound, so even if it had the Asshole Dog, it wouldn't have Asshole Dog's signature F-you giggle when you miss both birds. Developer LawlMart says Asshole Dog and sound are OTW in version 1.1, and it'll consider a touch-to-shoot system instead of the nearly-impossible controller it has now. Unless someone pulls the plug first.

So why am I posting about this? Humor I guess. If you want a touch-to-shoot but less knockoffy Duck Hunt for your iPhone, try Duck Hunting, although it too may feel Nintendo wrath, who knows.

Will Nintendo Shoot Down Duck Hunt for the iPhone? [VentureBeat]


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