EA Responds to Rumours of Pandemic Studio Closure

EA Responds to Rumours of Pandemic Studio Closure

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This morning we heard from a reliable source that EA had decided to close the Brisbane office of Pandemic Studios. Although EA have neither confirmed nor denied the rumour at this stage, a spokesperson did offer the following:

“In December, EA announced a cost reduction initiative that will impact facilities and headcount. We do not expect to make any more public announcements until our earnings call in early February. Sorry but we can’t provide any new information on the status of individual facilities.”


Meanwhile, Australian Gamer is reporting they’ve heard the studio has been dropped by EA:

“From close sources, an update regarding the status of Pandemic says they have been dropped. They will keep their IP and their equipment, but they’re on their own. Essentially they are a start up again. Also from the sounds of it most of the staff have been let go, and only a very small number will remain (less than 10).”

We’ll update you when we hear more.

[Fact or Fiction: Pandemic Studios Brisbane closing]


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