Eidos Caught Block-Voting On HYPER Awards


Eidos are understandably fans of their own games, but perhaps they've gone a little too far with this public display of affection. Australia's only multi-format games mag HYPER has called out the smitten publisher for constantly voting for one of its own titles in the publication's Game Of The Year awards.

This forum post by HYPER deputy editor, Darren Wells, explains all:

ANNOUNCEMENT: Honest votes only, please The 2008 Game of the Year Awards are off to a solid start, with numerous votes being cast for a wide range of games. Many of you are voting and participating in the spirit in which the awards are offered, and for that we thank you. However, we ask others who are voting in an opposing manner to please rethink their actions.

As an example, we can appreciate a game publisher's allegiance towards one of its titles, but would prefer it if an account using an "@eidos.co.uk" e-mail address would not vote for one of its own games across a number of different categories.

We realise that such motivations do not apply to the lion's share of members and participants, but nevertheless, we do need to make it clear that we will not accept such a practice. We would like to see games win honestly, voted for by honest people.

Thank you for your time.


    Soul Bubbles! BEST GAME EVAR.

    This is hilarious!

    Also, that is a friggin' awesome Hyper cover. Nice work, Malky.

    If it was 2007 they'd be voting for Kayne & Lynch for surez.

    You think after 'Gertzmann-gate' Eidos would have hired a new PR company. Guess not.

    Hopefully they'll soon come to the realisation that the games industry isn't the music industry and the majority of gamers can't be suckered by mindless 'buzz' over a game.

    $10 says a memo was sent across Eidos telling all employees to "participate" in the voting.

    Seriously, are Edios now the Dr Evil of game developers or what? They sure do love those devious plans that always backfire in their faces! Thanks Eidos!

    The sad thing is that Soul Bubbles (the game in question) is actually really good.

    You can't blame Eidos for trying to get the best possible publicity for its game - not when it's for free. Hyper is as much to blame for leaving the door open to abuse.

    The only thing that's certain here is a breakdown in their relationship, which is sure to show in their future editorial.

    This day is a great day.

    I think the message here is clear- everyone should buy Hyper Magazine.

    What the hell are you talking about Kevin? How is it not Eidos' fault? It may be 'clever' in a marketing sense, but that doesn't mean it's not totally unethical.

    I don't really see how we're to blame for someone posting up their own game - the only way we could stop something like this from happening would be to stop all new forum signups, and then ban the forumers who work for devs and publishers. That would be silly.

    I don't blame the guy for trying, but spamming the one game across multiple categories is silly.

    And I really don't see much happening on the editorial side. We found it funny more than anything.

    As anyone who works in the industry knows, developers ALWAYS vote for the games they have slaved over for years. This is unlikely to be an official Eidos marketing strategy, more like a few rogue coders and artists who want recognition for their game. Get over it.

    This reminded me to start buying Hyper again

    @ Daniel W: when we all register our details to vote on to your forum, do you on-sell the database to clients like Eidos?

    I'd find that funny more than anything.

    No Kevin, we don't. I don't really understand what you're trying to get at.

    There's no hidden agenda in a simple question, Daniel - not everyone is so fortunate as to be able to interact with (presumably) the editor of Hyper every day. Are all games writers as paranoid as you?

    It's good to hear that Hyper doesn't stoop to the same level as companies like Eidos, otherwise I'd say you deserve each other!

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