Fable 2 Gets A Halo Assault Rifle

So Fable II's DLC is out. You got it yet? If so, head on over to the Box of Secrets and trade in some pure experience. Do that and you'll get...a gun from Halo.

We're still waiting on pictures of the item, called "Hal's Rifle", but some early descriptions are enough to go by. It's basically a firearm that looks identical to Halo's classic Assault Rifle, which does 59 damage per shot, fires 24 shots per clip and even has an empty augment slot.

Perfect for those wanting to complete the "Hal" look.

New Weapon - Hal's Rifle [Lionhead]


    so if they going to do shit like this, what made them chose halo 1 assault rifle over gears of war's lancer.... (mmmm chainsaw massacre)

    that's the kind of DLC i want.

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