Fable II, Banjo Kazooie Sales Are Chalk & Cheese

Microsoft released three first-party games towards the end of 2008. Gears of War 2, we know, is a smashing success. But what of the other two games, Fable II and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts?

Sales data released by the NPD Group today reveals that the games' experience on store shelves couldn't have been more different. Fable II was a surprising success, by January 1 selling a respectable 1.2 million copies in the US. Not too shabby.

But Banjo? Seems Rare's stab at innovation by introducing customisable vehicles to the game was a flop with consumers, as the game had only sold a meagre 140,000 copies by new year's day. Eek.

Maybe it's time to take the poor old guy out to pasture, Rare.

NPD: Fable II hits 1.2 in US, MGS4 goes platinum [GameSpot]


    sucked in Banjo Nuts & Bolts
    they should have just made a massive 3D N64 version that
    everyone wanted, not some pointless "revolutionary" car building game. Rare aren't good enough anymore to be revolutionary.
    Just make what people want. I'm sure the Arcade N64 Banjo Kazooie sold more than their new one. Idiots.

    @ AngryFran
    Have you played Nuts & Bolts? Even as an old-school Banjo fan, I thought it was a great move. It was risky but it paid off in terms of gameplay and quality, so it's a huge shame that it didn't translate to sales.

    Most developers do "just make what people want", it's why we have a flood of shovelware like Carnival Games. Crap like that sells, do you want rare to start pumping that out? We need to appreciate a developer like Rare for attempting (and largely succeeding with) innovation, not call them idiots. I don't mean any offense, but honestly I find your point of view quite depressing for the game industry.

    @ AngryFran

    I'd much rather be playing Nuts & Bolts than some generic ass Mario clone (like the original Banjo - that game always bored the hell out of me).

    It always seemed pretty clear that a series from the N64 era had no hope with today's consumers. I'm not saying Nuts and Bolts is bad (I've never played it). I'm saying that few actually remember the duo or even care anymore.

    @ Pedantics

    Hey, don't rag on the original banjo. It was and still is one of my favourite N64 games.
    I got Nuts & Bolts and downloaded the original on day one. I played Nuts & Bolts for about 30 minutes and turned it off because the small text was really getting to me (yes I don't have a fancy pants plasma or LCD yet), I wanted to play Banjo-Tooie first Because I never got to play it and I can't put my finger on it but there was something that didn't seem quite right about it.
    Don't get me wrong I will play it and finish it one day but I think Rare have changed, I'm not saying that change is bad but I think they've gone in the wrong direction.

    Note to Rare - You need to go back to your roots e.g. how about another Conker (But please don't mess it up).


    Given your tag, it's fair to say you have an appreciation for older games - and likely make judgment concessions on that basis. And sure, the original Banjo holds a special place in many people's memories - but viewed in the context of the current (infinitely more sophisticated) marketplace, it really doesn't hold up.

    Ultimately, Nuts & Bolts is still a platform game - just with a vehicle twist. Just like Super Mario Galaxy innovated with it's use of wii controls and spherical platforms/gravity, Banjo mixes up the genre with customisable vehicle challenges.

    In 2008/9, does anybody really want to play another boring ass platform re-tread? People are COMPLAINING because Rare did something interesting? Farking hell...

    @ Pedantics

    I'm sure Nuts & Bolts is a great game in it's own right. It's just that it's not what alot of Banjo fans expected and took us by surprise. I know I haven't given it a proper chance yet seeing as I only played it for 30 minutes, and they've now fixed the text problem so I might enjoy it a bit more. But I still want to wait to play Banjo-Tooie first. For the record I also have a PS3 and a Wii, I played Mario Galaxy and loved it and look forward to the next istallment of Mario. I realize Rare have gone for something completely different and they've succeeded in that, It's just that it's not to everyone's taste (horses for courses). I'll be sure to give it a chance as soon as I've finished Tooie. C'mon April.

    Sorry for the double post.:D I forgot this article was about two other games as well. I have Fable II and haven't played it yet (I've got such a huge backlog of games to play it's unbelievable) I'm sure it's awesome though, I love the first Fable.

    I refuse to buy Gears Of War 2 new because of Epics stance on second hand game sales. I will buy it, but I'm gonna buy it second hand just to stick it to Epic.

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