Fable II's Knothole Island Brings Good Things To Life

Without spoiling more than I already have, a post over on the Fable II dev blog indicates that players disappointed by their particular ending can find solace at Knothole Island's mysterious resurrection shrine.

Before you continue on, I warn you....this post could very well ruin the ending of Fable II for you, but it wouldn't be my fault. Blame Sam Van Tilburgh over at the Fable 2 Development blog, who name checks us in the post where he draws readers' attentions towards one particular bullet point on the Knothole Island page. "Unravel the mystical secrets of the resurrection shrine." Now what could that possibly mean, Sam?

Now I'm not going to spoil Knothole Island for you either, so while I can't really say a thing (or the infamous PR police will hunt me down and kill me to death), I think it'd be fair to say that you won't be playing Knothole Island without a trusty friend on four legs....

I actually shed real tears of joy just now. Damn you, Molyneux.

The resurrection shrine in Knothole [Fable 2 Dev Blog]


    Bah! So I could have saved everyone who built the tower AND still got my dog? Ridiculous.

    um, the first time I finished it, i got the Love achievement.
    turned off my xbox straight away. Continued from the "ending",
    got the other achievement, did it all again.
    So, now having all 3 achievements from doing practically nothing, did the Love ending again and continued on with dog fun.
    So i dont really get why everyone just killed off their dogs for no real reason.
    poor dogs

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