Fallout 3's Four New Achievements

Eagle-eyed readers Andrew D. Larry B. and Captain McNinja spotted four new achievements for Fallout 3, worth 100 gamerscore, up on their Xbox profiles. I guess this needs a spoiler alert. So, there it is.

The achievements are "Aiding the Outcasts," "The Guns of Anchorage," "Paving the Way" and "Operation Anchorage." Of course, we knew about "Operation Anchorage" already. Guess these are the three missions of the DLC pack that hits Tuesday for 800 Microsoft Points, and then the big 40 point achievement is given out if you finish the new quest entirely. Word is the download pack will provide about 3 to 4 more hours of gameplay.

Operation Anchorage [Fallout Wiki — SPOILER ALERT]


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