F.E.A.R. 2 Trailer Employs Beaten-to-Death Joke, Bewbs

Monolith put up an Armacham site promising to chase all your fears away, and flacked it with that infomercial above. Ha ha. OK. Yeah. I get it. Shrug — wait, boobie?!

I have to say, I do admire Nurse Lauren's commitment to delivering her lines even though she knows not one dude is listening to a goddamn word she's saying. I've watched it five times and I still have no idea what this is about. Except I'd like that platinum level service. With a happy ending.

"Fear Away" [Monolith d/b/a Armacham]


    Why is everyone giving this game bad reviews and saying its not scary? The abominations have to be the most genuinely horrifying characters in any video game, and the graphics are (visually) on par with Crysis. Crysis is better with outdoors, FEAR 2 indoors. I actually think this game is entirely superior to the first:

    Character models
    Enemy variety
    Gets the story out
    The AI falls short, though

    Honestly, I think Alma is entirely unnecessary to the game. She already had something wrong with her in the first place. What's really horrible is that Armacham turned normal people into snarling monsters. That should be the main focus of the story - investigating Armacham's immoral practices, because that was always more interesting to me than Alma.

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