FIFA Interactive World Cup 2009 Grand Final goes to Barcelona

FIFA, Electronic Arts and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced that the 2009 FIFA Interactive World Cup is going to go down in Barcelona this May.

There's still time to enter the tournament before the March 31 cutoff date. Qualifying rounds are going on worldwide via PlayStationNetwork and at FIWC 09 Live Qualifier Events. Check out FIFA's site for listings.

"Everything about the FIWC this year is bigger and better and to see so many competing online on PlayStation Network really highlights how PlayStation has grown along with the tournament," Darren Carter, Vice President for Brand and Consumer Marketing at SCEE, said in a press release. "We can't wait to welcome the best virtual soccer players to Barcelona, Spain."

I'm wondering why he called it "soccer" instead of "football." Isn't that a hanging offence in Europe?

And if just now you're wondering why you'd want to go to Spain, remember that 2008's world champ - Alfonso Ramos of Spain - took home $20,000 in cash and a trophy bigger than his head.

I'd go to Spain for that.


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