Final Fantasy XIII's Battle System Detailed

Final Fantasy XIII is due out this year in Japan. For those who are familiar with its battle system, let's learn about it. Everyday you should learn about something, you know.

Command Stock: Players selection which action they'd like to from a cluster of five "Action" slots.
Cost: Each of these five actions has a number attached to it and denote the number of slots a particular action requires.
Enhanced ATB (Active Time Battle): This refers to the bar under Lightning's name (the one with "444"). Players can perform various actions before it is empty. Commands with higher "Cost" drain the ATB bar faster.
Symbol Encounter: Enemies appear on the game's map. There is no battle screen transition.
Chain & Bonus: Found at the screen's top right. "Chain" refers to the number of consecutive hits inflicted. It's not clear what "Bonus" refers to, but Famitsu thinks it's related to Final Fantasy VII's Limit Break.
Enemy HP: The HP and names of your foes are displayed — unlike previous games.

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    To be honest, I quite enjoy the turn based combat of FF (and many other JRPG's). Instead of relying on button mashing or split second reaction times, you are forced to make meaningful decisions in regards to the order and type of attacks used.

    The thing that has actually annoyed me about these games is the random encounters. It always felt rather disjointed to be walking down what appears to be an empty corridor, only to be whisked away into a different looking screen to fight some enemies. The timing always seemed to be terrible too. Some times you may be able to cross a number of screens without encountering anyone, other times you'll go through the same area and have a fight every 3 steps.

    Needless to say, removing the random aspect of battles definitely seems like a step in the right direction for FF XII. Maybe it'll even be the game that makes me buy a current gen console.

    Well though a lot of the hardcore Jrpg fans agree with 2c-b, I really thought FFXII was a great step foward. Not only in the obvious ways, like removing the need to repeatedly press attack on the menu, but by making the entire game more fluid. It made sidequests and grinding actually enjyoable, in a World of Warcraft kind of way, as opposed to running around in circles looking for random encounter enemies. And the new battle system gave rise to a whole new kind of strategy, and that made boss fights unbelievably interesting and deep.

    I honestly think FF12 was a waste of a title. The director for that was so focused on war and politics that he forgot to make the game fun. He should retire his desert, airship, Ivalice campaign and just write books.

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