Finally A DS Game About Puffins

Just when we figured that we were doomed to live life without a game about Puffins, Majesco swoops in like a mighty seabird to announce Puffins: Island Adventure for the Nintendo DS.

Puffins: Adventure Island (P: IA to the cool kids) turns you into one of pelagic seabirds, learning to dive, fly, swim, and play all sorts of puffin-related games in order to gain the favour of your fellows. Once you gain favour, you can then begin to raise a family in order to carry on the puffin legacy, and you know what that means - steamy Puffin sex. I am assuming that Majesco will keep the steamy Puffin sex off screen, or at least film it at a discreet camera angle.

I suppose this is big news for the actual Puffin fans. Quite honestly I had forgotten such a bird existed until this press release came across my desk. Puffins: Island Adventure is due out this spring.


EDISON, N.J., January 15, 2009 - Dive into life as a Puffin as Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL), an innovative provider of video games for the mass market, today announced Puffins: Island Adventure for Nintendo DS™. Developed by Other Ocean Interactive, Puffins: Island Adventure is an adventure simulation that lets players experience what it's like to be one of Nature's most unusual and endearing seabirds.

In Puffins: Island Adventure, players become part of a Puffin flock and experience their arduous, but rewarding, existence as they learn to fly, dive, start a family and more. While navigating through the island, they will interact with other Puffins, play games to earn the favour of their peers and raise a family to carry on their legacy. Puffins: Island Adventure features mini-games that relate to real-life Puffin activities underwater, in air and on land. By mastering the Puffin 500, Puffin Plummet and Tide Pool Fishing, players earn reputation points that unlock pictures and videos of real Puffins in their natural Canadian locales. If players make it far enough, they will unlock new levels and even their very own Puffin burrow. Gameplay through the untamed wilderness is accompanied by traditionally-styled Atlantic Canadian music composed of exotic instruments including the tin whistle, fiddle and bodhran. Music composition features the talent of one of Canada's most popular artists, Alan Doyle, frontman for the world renowned band Great Big Sea. In addition, Puffins: Island Adventure also features 4 player local and 2 player Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection multiplayer modes.

Puffins: Island Adventure is expected to release this spring. For more information about Majesco's exciting line of products, please visit


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