First Tomb Raider: Underworld DLC Coming February 10th

The first of two new chapters in the Lara Croft saga comes exclusively Xbox 360 next month, as Eidos announces a February 10th release date for the Tomb Raider: Chronicles Beneath the Ashes DLC.


    does anyone care?

    This is utterly, atrocious. I do, because most of this DLC, was just supposed to be included in the full game, except microsoft came along and got them to hold back content for the DLC so they actually had something to release.

    @ Smokey

    My understanding is that content was cut by Eidos/Crystal Dynamics in order to meet the scheduled release date. This sort of thing happens in virtually every game, but is understandably not often publicised.

    When the DLC deal went through with Microsoft, Crystal saw this as an opportunity to use the content that had previously been cut. The cut content comprises about 40% of the DLC, according to a post by a Crystal staffer on the game's forum a few weeks back.

    I don't really see anything underhanded in all this. It looks like a simple juggling of resources to me.

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