Flash Fridays: Grow Tower

Flash Fridays: Grow Tower

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The Grow series of games effortlessly taps into an often overlooked appeal of gaming: the idea of pressing a button or clicking on something just to see what happens. It’s all deceptively simple: you click on an object to add it to the world and then watch how everything interacts. The joy comes in the way the relationships between objects are expressed: one object may transform another, which in turn transforms another, which affects the originally placed object in a cascade of delightful animations.
Grow Tower was released just two days ago, so give it a go. And if you’ve never played a Grow game before, check out the others as well.

Grow Tower


  • Woah, this game just gave me a major flashback to 1998 when I was playing the most hardcore of all hardcore games: “Spyfox: Cheese Chase”.

    Spyfox had a storyline, but the idea was more or less the same — click on shit and more shit happens. It was so awesome.

  • Ah, I remember playing the Grow series. Was fun and actually took me quite some time to get to max all. I’ll give this one a go, although my favorite was the Cube.

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