Flash Fridays: Robokill

robokill screen.jpg

I know how it feels. It's late on a Friday afternoon, you're sitting in the office, you're bored, and you wanna go to the pub home. But you can't... not just yet. This is where Flash Fridays comes in. I'll be recommending a neat time-killing Flash or other browser-based game that makes that painful wait for pub time home time just a little bit less painful. So, who's up for some Robokill?Robokill's a top-down shooter that borrows its core gameplay from Robotron, but layers some extra RPG elements on top. You control your dude with WASD and are able to fire in any direction you can point the mouse. So, like Robotron and its more modern Geometry Wars style ilk, you're moving constantly to avoid enemies and spraying bullets in all directions. There's money to collect, as well as other pick-ups that provide weapon upgrades. It's got an inventory screen, shops and everything! But at heart, it's all about moving and shooting, moving and shooting. Which is probably all my brain can handle on a Friday afternoon.



    Productivity in this office just fell by 400%. We're on deadline, too! Thanks, Wildgoose.

    Nice one, Wildgoose. I recently discovered fantasticcontraption.com, but it spilled over from killing time on a Friday arvo to killing my entire Saturday.

    My boss just asked for the link to pass on to his kids....*phew*

    I played this back a bit up to level 4 I think, then they make you pay for it =[

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