Fred Willard's Nintendo Shilling Lets Us Down

Nicole Kidman. Liv Tyler. Fred Willard? Nintendo has roped in Spinal Tap actor Fred Willard to promote Personal Trainer: Cooking in this disappointingly disappointing clip.

Be warned, the below clip is blergh. And it's not because it's for some casual cooking game — that's not the problem at all. It's that it's something like seven minutes long. That's not casual! Casual is two minutes long.

(Then again, Crecente's video of this same game is fourteen minutes long — but doesn't feel like it's fourteen minutes long.)

We hate this Willard DS clip so hard. It's not funny. No wait, we love it. Did anyone ever come in and throw a pork chop at your face? Okay, we laughed. Still, this is totally not casual, this is 1am on Adult Swim, and we are confused.

Check out Aussie comedian Hamish Blake's take on the same ad. It's only thirty seconds, chuckle-inducing and edited down to a sharp point like the Willard one should be.

Actor Fred Willard promotes the DS and Personal Trainer: Cooking to fail results [Dtoid]


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