Fully-Clothed Lara Croft Figure Misses The Point

This Lara Croft figure from Tonner - to be made available at the New York Comic Con - totally misses the point. Not only is it limited to only 100 units, but it's fully-clothed.

OK, we kid. That's not why it misses the point (though you'd wonder why they'd bother with a character redesign imminent). This isn't 1997, Lara doesn't have to get her tits out of she doesn't want to. No, it misses the point because it's priced at US$175. This isn't 1997, people; do enough people still care about Tomb Raider to justify that kind of price?

New York Comic Con Exclusive Lara Croft: Forging Excaliber [Action-Figure]


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