Game Consoles Top Thieves' Wish List

Thieves are increasingly focusing on electronic goods, in particular game consoles, according to claims research by the Australian insurer RACV.

The study showed that game consoles were the fourth most commonly listed item on insurance theft claims.

"Traditionally, thieves have focused on jewellery, including watches, rings, bracelets and earrings," said RACV Insurance General Manager Susan Allen. "However the technology boom has created a lucrative alternative because most electronic items are so popular, now highly portable and valuable."

"We have noticed an increase in home content claims in relation to game consoles such as PlayStation3 and Wii as these items become more popular, with adults as well as children."

"Game consoles have been very popular Christmas presents this season with major retailers reporting strong sales and so this trend is likely to continue."

"Many of these items are easy to pick up, and can even be put into a backpack, allowing a thief to make their getaway easily."

Sure it might be an Australian study, but as the economy tanks crime tends to rise, especially burglaries and theft, so now might be a good time to make sure you're playing it safe.

That includes not leaving a console or portable gaming dealio out where would be thieves can see it. It's also a good idea, before going away on vacation, that you make sure your console isn't sitting somewhere that's easy to see from outside.

That's just asking to be burgled.

Electronics the popular choice for thieves [RACV]


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