Gamer Kid Gets Hedgehog Legalised in Kansas

Judson King 11, looooooves him some Sonic. He asked his mum for a real hedgehog. Unfortunately, Mum said, they were banzored under city code. So he worked for three years to get it changed.

It's a heartwarming tale of a child's love and determination, and learning about things like government and how to lobby it and then go on TV later to spin the necessity of piece of narrowly drawn special-interest legislation.

Judson says he did research about the spiny rodents, "daydreamed about him every single day," and has 5,000 pictures. (Dear God, if ever an entire species needed a restraining order ...) Then, after assembling a weighty "Hedgehog Primer," he got on the agenda for Lawrence's city council. And he made a strong enough case that the board agreed there was no good reason for the continued outlawing of hedgehogs. Then they also legalized dancing and everyone got footloose. OK, kidding about the last part.

Here's video from Topeka's KTKA-TV to explain the whole shootin' match. Good work, Judson.

Embedded video from CNN Video

A Boy and His Hedgehog [KTKA-TV via CNN, thanks to reader Jay P.]


    Fuck this revolting child. This story reminds me of a Roald Dahl novel (no offence to him). If changing the law in the US only takes an 11 year old brat and 3 years of human interest tripe pumped through the idiot box then there’s something’s more broken in America than their floundering economy.

    Calm down Mike, I think it shows great initiative on the part of the kid and good on him. Those hedgehogs are kinda cute too!!!

    But they are spiny >.

    Being in a ball does that mean it has the same spinning air attack that kinda sucks?

    no, mike is right. That stupid kid doesn't even care about owning a real pet, he's only doing it because he loves the game. It's a stupid phase he's going through and he's probably gonna get bored of it in a year or 2.

    Umm, if he was willing to stick with the case for three years and collate that much information, as a kid, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to staying power - I think he'll stick with the hedgehog.

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