Games For Windows Live Boss Sacked

We heard last week that Microsoft's Games for Windows team was facing layoffs. Weren't sure how many were going to be affected. Turns out that one of the group's bosses is among the casualties.

VentureBeat report that Chris Early, former general manager of Games for Windows Live, was among those given their marching orders last week as Microsoft laid off an estimated 1600 employees. It's sad for the man on a personal level, but hardly unsurprising on a professional one.

The Games for Windows Live service has been met with little but disdain and/or apathy from many consumers since launching, Microsoft's attempt at structuring a platform-wide online system seen by many as a futile attempt to shoehorn a console gaming experience onto the more traditionally open-ended PC.

Still no word on just how wide these cuts affect the Games for Windows group, but if Early has been laid off, that doesn't exactly sound like a vote of confidence in the group.

Microsoft's Chris Early, head of Games for Windows Live, among the layoffs [VentureBeat]


    Hopefully this means games will stop using GfWL.

    Its a pity as I though games for windows might finally come into its own after experiencing the PC version of Fallout 3.

    "Hopefully this means games will stop using GfWL."

    Why? I love it. Now I can pick the PC over my 360 for games that are better suited for it while still getting achievements. Hooray!

    Hopefully games will never use gfwl again.
    It adds unneeded complications into going online,

    and is so buggy
    im on the internet posting this but according to windows live i dont have an internet connection at the moment
    ( dow 2 beta)
    fuck off gfwl please :)

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