GameStop Employees In Fat Suits And The Ballad Of Ralph

The only thing better than being a low-paid retail employee, is being a low-paid retail employee coerced into wearing a fat suit in order to help promote fitness games at Los Angeles GameStops.

As part of their ongoing campaign to promote physical fitness and Nintendo products, GameStop employees in Los Angeles were forced to don heavy fat suits and behave in a comical fashion in order to prove once and for all that fat people are hilarious. Being slightly overweight myself, I can attest to this fact. It must be glorious to be able to take off that suit at the end of the day though. *sheds a single tear*

The employees pictured are at the Empire Centre in Burbank, one of two locations that had comically chubby employees rolling around while demonstrating fitness titles such as Wii Fit, My Fitness Coach, and Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum. They obviously don't get paid enough.

What I am worried about here is the poor overweight GameStop employee standing there as they were handing out the suits, reaching out his porkpie fingers with hope only to have his suit passed to someone who actually needed it. I am going to call this fictional employee Arnold Ralph, and maybe write a song about him someday.


    Once again Kotaku writers take a stab at Gamestop.
    I would like to know how this writer can claim the employees were forced to put the suits on. I am fine if he wants to complain about the display being in poor taste but I guess many americans have no sense of humor anymore in theis PC world

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