Gamestop Not Accepting Xboxes Feb. 9

We got tipped by an anonymous Gamestop employee that the chain won't accept original Xbox games, consoles and accessories as of Feb. 9. Looks like this is officially it for the console.

Says our tipster:

"The Marketing kit for this coming Sunday has a sign that says Gamestop will no longer be accepting Xbox games, systems and accessories as of Feb 9th. Finally, corporate has realised this, after selling an incredibly low number of systems and games. My store probably sells one Xbox a month or so."

Is it just me, or is this now a milestone for original X's demise? I'm guessing they'll sell or bury the rest of their original Xbox stock over time. But when your console's no longer currency at Gamestop, the party is over, my friend.


    Australian EBs arent trading them in from March onwards.
    They've got their yearly pre-owned sale on right now, but after that mmmm no more Xbox.
    Possibly cos most work on the 360. or possibly cos no one even likes original xbox anymore.

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