Gears 2 *Should* Be Fixed Later This Month

We loved Gears of War 2. Nearly gave it our game of the year award! But one thing we don't like is that, for some people, the game's online play is all screwed up.

Epic are aware that it's screwed up, have heard your shrieking, and have today responded. Posting on the company's forums, Mark "Chocolate" Rein has revealed that the game's first major title update should be out later this month. This update should fix a number of the game's online woes, as well as improving "the frequency of in-game Achievement progression notifications".

Oh, and there'll be DLC that Rein thinks it's a little too early to talk about. But since he says there's new achievements for it, it'll be DLC that involves new stuff.

A brief status report on the next Gears2 title update [Epic]


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