Gold Farming Website Sells For $10 Million

The number three MMORPG gold-seller on the internet,, has just made the ultimate transaction, with the website purchased by a private equity company for US$10 million.

The website, which specialises in the farming and selling of in-game money from massively-multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, and Everquest II, has by purchased by My MMO Inc. to the tune of US$10 million.

" appealed to us because of its strong reputation for providing optimal customer service," says Hunter Crowell, My MMO Inc.'s Media Relations Agent. "That focus will continue with our purchase."

Crowell noted that with more and more people spending their time at home playing video games in the face of a troubled economy, traditional investing is a risky prospect. In this volatile time, virtual currency is one of the few in-demand items left to invest in.

I wonder how much of that $10 million the farmers themselves will see?


    I’m sick and tired of seeing good online games tainted, even ruined by RMT and gold farming activities (over-inflated economies, bots taking up all the good hunting grounds, ingame spam, to name a few of the side effects).

    While I’m not against this article per-se, let’s not give people not in the know the wrong impression by failing to mention that in the majority of MMOGs (including some, if not ALL of those listed), RMT, that is the trading of ingame currency for real money, is completely illegal, and for very good reason.

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