Governor-General Visits Afghanistan To Drop Off A Wii

Background info: Australia has a Governor-General. Read up on that here. Anyway, she was in Afghanistan today, paying a surprise visit to Australian troops stationed there. Troops who were bored.

So Governor-General Quentin Bryce flew in, said hello, shook some hands, dropped off a Wii and left. Bemused troops smiled, shook hands, waved goodbye, asked each other who the hell that was, then spent the night playing Wii Tennis and making penis-shaped, beige & green Miis.

Bit tight she only dropped off the single console. I know we're in an economic crisis, but still....

Bryce makes surprise Afghanistan visit [ABC News]


    One of my friends served in the US Army in Iraq, he said they used to crowd around a laptop and play games on that. Call of Duty 4 was apparently quite popular (and its gritty realism got the thumbs up).

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