Grand Theft Auto Helping Six Year Olds Drive To School

Why doesn't the mainstream media ever focus on the positive aspects of Grand Theft Auto's influence on our six year olds? Stealing the family sedan is petty in the name of perfect attendance.

Take the six year old offspring of Jacqulyn Deana Waltman and David Eugene Dodson from Wicomico Church, Virginia who swiped his parents' Ford Taurus after missing the school bus. The unnamed boy told police he learned how to drive a decade early thanks to his experience with Grand Theft Auto and Monster Truck Jam.

Unfortunately, he crashed said Taurus after a six mile drive. Sounds about right. Don't think I've ever had a car survive much longer than five miles in any GTA game.

"He was very intent on getting to school," said Sheriff Chuck Wilkins. And good for him! Well, except for the fact that his parents have been charged with child endangerment and that he and his brother have been take into protective custody.

6-year-old takes family car after missing bus [AP/Google]


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