Guitar Hero World Tour Country Rock Pack Drops Today

With CES going on, nobody's got to time to check for new DLC - so Activision's done it for us with a press release on the new Country Rock Pack for Guitar Hero World Tour.

Details and sarcasm after the jump.

"We wanted to let you know that the Country Rock Track Pack for Guitar Hero World Tour is available today for Xbox 360 (worldwide) and PlayStation 3 (Europe)," says the press release, "and will soon be available for PlayStation 3 (North America) and Wii. The Country Rock Track Pack features Rascal Flatts 'Me and My Gang,' plus GRAMMY Award-winning artists Brad Paisley's 'Ticks' and Brooks & Dunn's 'Hillbilly Deluxe.'"

Hillbilly Deluxe? Be still, my heart.

The Country Rock Pack goes for 440 Microsoft Points and US$5.49 at the PlayStation Store. Each song can be bought for 160 Microsoft Points, US$1.99 or 200 Wii Points, depending on your platform.

Me? I'm still holding out for Total Eclipse of the Heart.


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