.hack Is Coming Back On PSP

The latest issue of Famitsu has confirmation on the next video game episode long-running, but niche appealing .hack series from CyberConnect. .hack//LINK is making the jump from manga to the PSP in 2009.

In what we're guessing is an attempt to glom on to the success of Capcom's Monster Hunter Portable series, CyberConnect and (we're presuming) publisher Namco Bandai will move the series from the PlayStation 2 to the still-popular handheld.

Characters from the original .hack series and .hack//G.U. will return in .hack//LINK, which is still without a firm date.

While the .hack series has made a point of simulating a multiplayer experience offline, we wouldn't be surprised if Namco Bandai looks to the Monster Hunter formula for inspiration on how the new episode will play.

Famitsu 20090116 [Wii @ Everyday]


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