Here Are 15 Stories That Shook Japan In 2008

While print mag Famitsu ran the ten biggest stories of 2008 according to it's readers, Japanese website has listed its most accessed stories from 2008 according to page views.

According to, the top 15 are:

1. PSP-3000, First Hands On!
2. [Play Report 1]Street Fighter IV They're Back!!
3. In A Ba-Ba-Bath Towel? Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi
4. Final Fantasy Agito XIII For PSP Announced
5. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes Dream Tag Battle Unveiled
6. The Name of The Blonde Guy in Final Fantasy XIII Confirmed
7. More From Monster Hunter 3 (tri)
8. Let's Relive that Famous Scene from Dragon Ball Z Infinite World
9. Final Fantasy Agito XIII's Battle Scene Revealed
10. The Veil Taken Off Street Fighter IV's Boss Characters
11. FFXIII Demo In FFVI Advent Children Complete
12. Level-5's New Game Hardware Announced!? It's Called "ROID"
13. FFXIII On Xbox 360 For North America and Europe
14. Gundam Musou for PlayStation 2 Announced!
15. New DS Model On Sale This Year!? has listed it's top thirty stories in the link below. Those interested in further confirming that Japanese people like reading about Final Fantasy, Street Fighter IV and Monster Hunter click on through.

ゲームユーザーが2008年にもっとも気になったニュースは?—-ファミ通.com記事アクセスランキングTOP30発表 [Famitsu]


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