Here Are Good Ways To Study English Says Japan

Here Are Good Ways To Study English Says Japan

In Japan, there’s a great interest in learning the English language. It’s big business. Japanese speakers have several options to learn the King’s lingo. These are the most popular.

Based on data from internet information sharing company iSHARE INC., 413 individuals answered a poll covering how they studied English. Out of the sample group, 52.3 percent were men, 47.7 percent were women, 11.6 percent were in their twenties, 48.4 percent were in their thirties, 31.2 percent were forties and 8.7 percent were ages other than that.

The question: If you study English, what method is good?

1. Video Games
2. English conversation school
3. eLearning
4. Book
5. DVD
6. CD
7. Home teacher
8. Distance learning

英語は「ゲームで覚えたい」が半数以上に—-アイシェア調べ [][Pic]

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