Here Is Your Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children PS3 Console

Square Enix has dated the previously announced FFVII: AC PLAYSTATION 3 bundle. It goes on sale April 16 in Japan, and here's what the bundle contains:

• "Cloud Black" HDD 160GB PS3
Final Fantasy XIII Trial Version Set (FFXIII demo)
<final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Blu-ray disc

This pack is priced at ¥49,980 (US$551). Those interested in purchasing will be happy to know that Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete has English language options. No word whether the demo is as well, but smart money says "no" as Square Enix most likely hasn't done the localisation yet — still, we've contacted Square Enix.

Thanks abyssomega3000 for the tip!


    Hopefully this one will be more like the 60Gb and have backwards compatibility.

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