Here Is Your (New) Official Ace Attorney Image Character

That's Shota Matsuda. You may know him, you may not. But if you like Ridley Scott movies, you probably know his father.

Reaching an international audience with Black Rain, Shota Matsuda's father Yusaku Matsuda was actually dying of bladder cancer while making the film. He passed away after completing Black Rain.

His son Shota has gone on to become one of Japan's more popular young actors — though he does seem to lack the kinetic energy of his father.

And now, he's the "image character" for Capcom's Gyakuten Kenji , the latest entry in its Ace Attorney series. Matsuda will be appearing in TV and print ads for the game. Unlike other Ace Attorney titles, this point-and-click style title stars Miles Edgeworth and Dick Gumshoe.

About the DS title, Matsuda said, "Personally, I love the Ace Attorney series. I'm incredibly happy to be picked as the image character for the latest installment. This entry is different from previous titles, and I want to let everyone know the appeal of Gyakuten Kenji."


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