Here, The Ten Best-Selling Games In The UK For 2008

We've seen Japan's. America's will be in, oh, next week. So for now, let's all take a look at the ten best-selling games in the UK for all of 2008, shall we?

Regular followers of our weekly British sales charts will find no surprises here. The top four games are published by Nintendo, the fifth is for a Nintendo system and...oh Britain, Carnival Funfair? Really?

1. Mario Kart Wii
2. Wii Fit
3. Wii Play
4. Dr Kawashima's Brain Training
5. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii)
6. GTA IV (360)
7. GTA IV (PS3)
8. Call of Duty: World at War (360)
9. Carnival Funfair (Wii)
10. FIFA 09 (360)


    Wow, I would not have picked half the games on that list. I mean, Carnival Funfair? Fifa 09? I had no idea they sold so well! I would have thought Gears 2 would have made the list.

    Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how the Americans and Australians go once those details are released. I'm really hoping the Aussies didn't spend all their dosh on Carnival Funfair.

    Dont count on it, i work at EB and we had a deal before christmas giving away carnival games with every wii we sold, so the numbers will be up.

    Wouldn't that make the final sales charts inaccurate, then? If the game is being given away with consoles, then it's hardly indicative that people bought the game because they actually wanted it. Lame.

    Wii Play - bundled with wiimotes
    Dr Kawashima's Brain Training - frequently bundled with Wii
    Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games - frequently bundled with Wii
    Carnival Funfair - frequently bundled with Wii

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