Here's What PlayStation 3's Dress Looks Like

Sony introduced Dress to Japanese PlayStation 3 owners today, the fashion application that allows users to design new clothing and dress up their avatars — for a price, of course. How does it look?

Well, the clothing looks good, considering Sony has partnered with real-life brands like Puma and Beams to give Dress users ready-to-wear goods that are already successful in the real world.

Sony also gives Dress purchasers the option to lay out their own designs using pre-made stencils and assets from PlayStation brands like The Last Guy and Aquanaut's Holiday. There are even a couple of built-in mini-games that will let Dress owners unlock new wearable goods.

It was originally planned to integrate with PlayStation Home, but plans for sharing outfits between the two applications looks like it's still up in the air.

Reader Levi has forwarded us a couple YouTube clips of his own experience with Dress, an app that sets the owner back about 2000 yen. Check them out and enjoy the silence.

Playstation Dress Hands-On Video 1 [YouTube]
Playstation Dress Hands-On Video 2 [YouTube]
Playstation Dress Mini-game 1 [YouTube]
Playstation Dress Mini-game 2 [YouTube]


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