How Can World Of Warcraft Help Train Your Employees?

We've all heard stories about World of Warcraft affecting the performance of workers negatively, but could Blizzard's massively popular MMO have a positive effect on the business environment?

John Hagel and John Seely Brown over at Newsweek have published a rather interesting article titled "How World of Warcraft Promotes Innovation", which looks at some of the core concepts of the MMORPG and how they could be applied towards innovating employee training. They look at concepts like providing experience points to encourage advancement, custom "dashboards" that display employees' progress in real time, or the various team-building tips that can be garnered from looking at the player-created guild structure of the title.

Of course most of the concepts they bring up apply to almost any MMORPG, but odds are World of Warcraft is the only one business executives are likely to have heard of. "Let's take a look at the lessons of Saga of Ryzom." See? No.

How World of Warcraft Promotes Innovation


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