How Is The iPhone Different From The DS & PSP?

Easy. It's a phone. But hey, like I said, that's easy. For a more complicated answer, why don't we see what VP of iPod and iPhone product marketing Greg Joswiak has to say.

In a departure from some of the company's more boisterous, were-gonna-git-you-DS claims, Joswiak tells Edge that the DS and PSP are from the past. And the iPhone? You guessed it. It's from the future.

I think if you look at devices like the DS and the PSP, in a lot of ways, they've defined the past in handheld gaming, and I look at a product like the iPhone with the App Store, and I think it has the opportunity to redefine the future, from everything to how you acquire games - not to mention updating apps.

How do you update a cartridge? You can't. But you can update the games here via the App Store and that's an automatic process. Not to mention not having to carry around a bucketful of cartridges. You can store as many games as you have space for. Everything about the iPhone suggests where the future's headed, and I think a lot of the other guys are trying to scramble for what they do in response.

He may be right! After all, the PSP is quietly moving to a digital distribution model for many of its games.

Then again, people don't appear to be holding off on purchasing a DS because of the back-breaking labour involved in carrying "a bucketful of cartridges" around.

In Defence of the iPhone [Edge]


    i think the iphone is a terrible handheld console, great phone though. Graphically speaking the PSP is much more powerful. It also has much better games. The iPhone is alwright for a casual gamer or to play when your waiting for say the bus or a train. Digital distribution means nothing if the games its distributing are bad or boring. The lack of proper buttons also make it inferior in my eyes, multitouch and tilt is great but you still need buttons. Even the Wii has buttons.

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