IEAA Promises To Continue Fight For 18+ Rating

IEAA Promises To Continue Fight For 18+ Rating

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Ron Curry, head honcho of the Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia, has vowed to maintain the push for an 18+ rating to be introduced into our classification system. Speaking to Jason Hill over on his Screenplay blog this morning, Curry says the public consultation process for the proposed R rating is a “significant move in the right direction”. Also on the agenda for 2009 is an effort to reduce software piracy, including establishing a new website “that will specifically assist consumers to better understand copyright and other IP issues and how it relates to video games”.

Speaking of the IEAA, we’ve lined up Ron Curry to participate in an upcoming Question Time, so get thinking about what you’d like to ask him. More news on that soon.

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  • I agree with Daniel. I don’t pirate games, but the fact that games in Australia are so expensive is a bit ridiculous. I wouldn’t mind paying $100 for a game if that was what everyone was paying, but that’s not the case. games are significantly cheaper in the States and it shits me that we have massive price hikes here in Aus.

    Thank goodness for Steam.

  • No DRM in games, lower prices and world wide release for all games. There I just removed most of the reasons people pirate games (aside from the people that just pirate to pirate, nothing will stop them)

  • You want to stop piracy, force these idiot politicians to add an R18+ rating, that way I wont have to pirate a US copy…

  • Having an R18 rating is gonna stop a tiny amount of piracy but more importantly it will stop people from ordering the games from overseas and keep that money in Australia.

  • I do undertsand copyright and IP etc. what I don’t understand is why are games are censored and released late at a higher price, untill then I’ll continue to pirate untill my download limit is reached, if they don’t censore the internet first that is.

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