If Only Game Covers Were As Classy As Book Covers...

While they're improving, game covers are still a largely generic lot. But book covers? Well, they've had centuries to get it right, and many book covers are classy. What if the two were switched?

We'd end up with these. Olly Moss has drawn up a few examples of what it would look like if classic games shared the same cover art as classic books. Specifically, Penguin's old classics range.

If the children of the 21st century do indeed go on to study the "classics" while at school, we can only hope they're handed out looking like this.

Olly Moss' Videogame Classics [Flickr, via Offworld]


    Ugh, please no. I agree that game covers are largely generic rubbish, but those - especially the Zelda one - are no better at all. The OoT one is just indescribably ugly and irrelevant, the GoldenEye one has a nice look but the concept is tacky, and the Half Life one is... well, it's not horrible but it's not overly striking or interesting either.

    Would it be nerdish to point out neither the Beretta 92FS/M9 nor the Walther P38 featured in Goldeneye? I do however like the Half-Life cover even though all three appear to forgo any sense of depth of meaning :)

    The Skorpions trajectory is rather amusing however and reflects the absolute uselessness of the gun in the game. Ah the memories...

    The Goldeneye one is sexy as hell...

    I wouldn't want any of them as game covers though. Book covers are often well designed but they're not as exciting as game covers...generally.

    Steve - I believe it's supposed to be satire, not a serious suggestion for video game cover change.

    They bring to mind images of videogame classics as required school reading.

    @ Inon
    I should have been more clear, but I got that part. I understood the artist's intention, but disagreed with Luke's tone on this one. He essentially re-purposed the images, and that's the context I was responding to.

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