In-Game Web Browsing Added To Steam

Steam's handy, no doubt about it. But it just got made handier, with Valve today rolling out in-game web browsing to users of the service. Just hit shift+tab, and you'll see a "web" button.

The browsing (first appearing as a beta last month) was added as part of a larger Steam client update, which also includes the following:

- Fixed games list scrolling behaviour with pageup/pagedown and mouse wheel

- Fixed GTA4 backups not restoring correctly

- Fixed several cases where matchmaking would not work in Left 4 Dead in using Cafe accounts

- Changed Friends to be enabled for Cafe accounts

- Removed 'view invites' dialog on startup, now clicking on a group/user invite toast will take you directly to the Community control page

- Fixed guest passes not showing immediately in games list

- Fixed case where a user would be told a guest pass had expired after they had bought the full game

- Improved Steam Windows Service restart logic in several places


    I love valve.

    While everyone else seems happy to push out half arsed barely optimised ports and DLC to grab a few more $$$ from their ever so fortunate customers Valve just keep adding value to the games I already own.

    PC games have certainly taken a massive step backwards even while hardware is moving forward at a frightening rate, but Valve still loves us PC people.

    Now hurry up with more TF2 content, please!?!?!?!

    This feature is stupid. Just fix your damn engine so that you can alt-tab in and out of it like every other game. It's 2009 FFS.

    It's funny that people are praising this feature because they haven't stopped and realized that most games don't need this because alt-tab works.

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