Innovative MMO Twin Skies Not Quite As Innovative Anymore

Neopets creators Adam Powell and Donna Williams have decided to strip the 3D portion of their MMO Twin Skies in order to focus on creating just another free-to-play online flash game.

Originally envisioned as a 3D MMO that users would be able to interact with directly via flash game content, an announcement yesterday on the Meteor Games website reveals that creating a 3D MMO was a bit more than they could handle.

A lot of things have changed in the last few months, we've taken a few steps back and realised that creating a 3D MMO is really, really hard, especially in this economy. We've come so far with the design, quests, and lore, but we feel that it's just a really risky and bad time to try and follow through with our plans and complete the game. Donna and myself have a much stronger background in 2D content (at least that's what it says on our resumes) and this is the direction we feel the company should pursue.

I suppose when all else fails, go with what you know. Still a pity though...the original concept was extremely intriguing. Perhaps someone else can grab the ball and run with it.

A Slight Change of Plan [Twin Skies Forums via Massively]


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