Japanese Weekly Hardware Sales: How Low Can They Go?

If you thought hardware sales in Japan couldn't bottom out any harder than they did last week, we ask you to politely reconsider. Frankly, we're starting to worry. You okay, Japanese gamers?

'Cause if you're a little short on cash, we could let you borrow some. Admittedly, post-holiday sales aren't typically spectacular, nor is the line-up of recent releases anything to get excited about — GameCube remakes, anyone? But numbers are far, far lower than they were last year.

Let's look!

  • Nintendo DSi - 51,618
  • PSP - 38,280
  • Wii - 26,770
  • PlayStation 3 - 17,708
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 13,686
  • Xbox 360 - 7,663
  • PlayStation 2 - 5,077

Yeah. Unimpressive! That's 160,802 consoles sold this past week, according to Japanese sales tracker Media Create. The country snapped up some 281,870 consoles during the same week in 2007.


    Xbox is UP.


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