Jerry Bruckheimer Describes Prince of Persia Movie

When Jerry Bruckheimer isn't figuring out different ways to blow shit up, he's figuring out different ways to blow shit up in movies. Sadly, in a recent interview, he doesn't talk about just that.

But the Hollywood producer does talk about the upcoming Prince of Persia movie — which is getting crossed promoted in another Bruckheimer movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

According to Bruckheimer, it was his idea to cross promote. He told website Latino Review, "It's funny because I was watching the movie and we had ads for other films and I said, 'Why don't we put our own movies in here.' It's kind of silly to promote someone else's movies." The Prince of Persia bit was CGI'd in about two weeks ago the producer revealed.

When asked about Prince of Persia, Bruckheimer called it "enormous" and "a big romantic adventure," complete with parkour.

Should we expect the Ubisoft series to be a Pirates of the Caribbean style megahit? "You never know," said Bruckheimer. "If you'd have asked me this question before, before the first 'Pirates' came out I would've said that you were nuts and that we just hoped to get this one sold. You don't know."

One thing we should expect is an exploding fruit cart in a Prince of Persia marketplace chase scene or something. If there isn't exploding fruit, this will be the most disappointing Jerry Bruckheimer movie Jerry Bruckheimer has ever made.

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