Kate Winslet, Golden Globe Winner, Finds Wii Sports Boxing Hilarious

Celebrities! They're just like us! With the exception of the fact that they're still regularly playing Wii Sports boxing, that is. Take Kate Winslet, for example, Wii Sports aficionado and owner winner of two Golden Globes.

Winslet, wearing Narciso Rodriguez, tells E! that she was actually playing some Wii Sports tennis when she learned of her recent Oscar nominations for some movies I'll likely see under pressure.

"It was extraordinary, I was playing Wii Tennis with my son," the actress relayed to E! Television. "It is fantastic. The boxing is the funniest thing of all. Because you're boxing the air... I'm watching my little five year old go [convincing Wii Sports boxing sounds] . It's hysterical."

Scoff if you want, but the fact that these two telegenic women were delighted to be talking about video games at the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet says a lot. When I tell of my accomplishments maxing out my World Court Tennis character stats on the Turbografx 16, I don't get the same response.

SAG Awards: Kate Winslet [E! Online]


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